We’ve created a gofundme for our next album

After much debate, we’ve chosen to ask for a little help getting our next album done.  We’ve chosen a studio to record drums in and decided to go with Kurt Ballou to mix our recordings.  Although we plan on recording everything ourselves, the cost of using a different studio to get the drum sound we want and of using someone as renowned as Kurt to achieve the mix we’re aiming for is more than we would easily come up with on our own.  This fundraising effort is only for the cost of those things.  Everything else, including tracking, mastering, and pressing the music on CD and vinyl will come out of our pockets and from whatever we can scrape together playing shows and selling shirts.  We humbly ask that you consider contributing.  The entire explanation is included on the site, but the bare bones is that $10 will get you a CD copy of the album, while any donation over $18 will get you a CD copy of this new album AND our previous, self titled album.  Go over to our Facebook or Instagram page for the link, to read further, and hopefully contribute.